Tongue & groove pre-coated hardwood floor


American Oak
Janka rating: 8.0

A hard-wearing timber that produces a tough, long lasting floor.
The timber is grained with only minor close colour variations.

Pacific Brush Box
Janka rating: 9.5

Grow up in southeast Asia.
Colour & density similar to Australian Brush Box.

Janka rating: 7.5

Grow up in southeast Asia.

Janka rating: 11.0

Heavy hardwoods.
Balau is a tropical hardwood of the family Dipterocarpaceae. Balau is a very dense tightly grained wood that is heavily laden with rich tropical oils and resins. Balau’s texture is very fine and even.

Janka rating: 9.0

Merbau is a tree that grows in mangroves in Southeast Asia and islands in the Pacific Ocean. The wood is used for flooring in U.S. and European markets. It is a very durable and termite-resistant wood. Merbau is in brown colour and contains a “gold” fleck that runs through the grain, considered to be attractive by some.